Benny Rogosnitzky: great Contributor to Congregational Religious and educational activities

Published: 13th June 2011
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Benny Rogosnitzky: great Contributor to Congregational Religious and educational activities

For the lovers of music, quality is a sure thing that you will always be looking for when considering which music to buy. This is an all round thing whether you are a lover of blues, spiritual music or even rock. There are numerous musicians who have come up most of whom have fallen by the musical roadside while others have weathered the storms and their music stands even at the moment and still inspire millions across the globe. Benny Rogosnitzky stands among the many that have been able to weather the storms of life since his entry into the music industry at the age of 16.

Although many people may not have had the opportunity to meet him or be a part of his live concerts, the fact is that his music has entertained them greatly. He began as a soloist and benefitted from Johnny Gluck who discovered and helped to nurture him. He is a guy with an exceptional quality and whose memories will not go away too soon. Born in Liverpool, England ,Cantor Benny Rogosnitzky was known from his early years for his arousing voice and one that could be modulated easily. He has a master Degree in music which he obtained from the Royal Manchester School of music and art. However, Canton Benny Rogosnitzky achieved the cantorial music singing in 1996 after which he was later to be appointed as a senior Cantor of the influential Jewish center where he served for 13 years.

Benny was known as an Orthodox Jew who possessed a strong belief in what he sang and people would always crowd around him from his early years to listen to his music. He is well acquainted with classic traditional and Jewish Chazzonus which helped him bring a spiritual message in his singing. Benny Rogosnitzky is one person who is skilled in huge variety of performances of inspiring orations with his Memorial concert at Riverdale Jewish Center which remains as a memorable performance in his career. He was at one point a High Holiday Services leader and even his first CD was recorded for them. Throughout his music career, he has performed is some of the most successful concerts with some of the best and the greatest Orchestras all over the world with Europe and the United States of America standing as some of the best destinations for these performances.

As recognition for his music prowess Benny Rogosnitzky has served in Yale Conservatory of Music in the United States as a guest lecturer as well as lecturing on the art of traditional liturgy and contemporary music. The man is an exceptional song composer as well as very gifted teacher something that has helped him to remain in the limelight. Together with Charlie Bernhaunt, Benny founded Cantors World as a way of promoting and keeping the Traditional Chazzonus alive with some very creative programs. It seems that his eagerness to boost the earnestness and the beauty of the religious services drives him with a plan to develop choir and develop it under the Cantors world.

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